Our promise at the Vero photography workshop is for you to leave us with a plan of action to take your business to the next level, connections with vendors and attendees that will be ever lasting, and beautiful imagery that will propel your portfolio into what you have always dreamed. 

“The Vero photography workshop is one of the best workshops I have ever attended! What differentiates this particular workshop from the rest is great attention to detail and education.

The styled shoots were plentiful, full of gorgeous detail, and well-planned out. All the photographers walked away with a full, diverse, and comprehensive portfolio.

The attention to education was perhaps the most valuable takeaway and my favorite part. Very qualified speakers and teachers attended the workshop and led detailed presentations throughout the workshop. In addition, these experts were available throughout the entire workshop for conversation. These experts were some of the most genuine, honest, and helpful teachers I’ve encountered so far in a workshop. You’ll receive plenty of valuable and substantial feedback, no matter what you come into the workshop hoping to learn.

The workshop also provided a fun,warm, and comfortable atmosphere for attendees that truly created a bonding experience for all and felt more like a retreat. I still keep in touch with many attendees and speakers to this day!
I highly recommend the Vero Workshop to both beginners and pros alike!”
— Valerie Sarron
The Vero Workshop was undoubtedly one of the best experiences I had last year as a photographer. If you want to attend a workshop which is truly educational, this is it. I learned so much from Kelly and everyone involved in the workshop. We also had the opportunity to shoot four amazing editorials. They were all very diverse, and they were all designed to the smallest detail. You could tell everything was so well thought out.
I made new friends, got some great photos for my portfolio, and left with knowledge which has helped solidify my business. Definitely a must have experience for anyone who is willing to take their business to the next level!
— Isabella Rodríguez
I had the opportunity to take both of Kelly’s classes the “Fine Art Catalyst” and “Booking Blue Print.” The classes both were so amazing and I would highly recommend each of them for different reasons. I loved the transparency of the “Booking Blue Print” class. Kelly put everything out there and walked through her system of connecting with her clients through the initial inquiry all the way till the end delivery of the images, step by step. It was easy to follow, and you could implement strategies to better your business from day one. “The Fine Art Catalyst”, which I was more hesitant to sign up for, completely blew me away! She not only talked us through how to elevate our images and help our photos to connect with our audience but also the importance of growing creatively for ourselves. She pushed us individually through class assignments and individual critiques and I felt like I grew so much during each individual class. Overall I loved how Kelly was honest, straightforward, and real throughout both courses. It isn’t like other courses where the teacher is instructing the whole time. Kelly listens to the participants, answers questions, and really invests in each individuals needs and is there cheering you on through the whole process. Kelly is the real deal, she is so super talented but so humble and honest. You walk away from the course feeling like you are friends with Kelly and everyone in the class who has buoyed you up throughout the classes. You walk away feeling that you can accomplish more then you ever thought you could as a business owner and creative!
— Candace Palfreeman
Taking both the Fine Art Catalyst Webinar and the Booking Blueprint Webinar has made such a positive impact on my business! Kelly allowed us into her world and taught us step by step how to make and maintain healthy client relationships. She didn’t just give a presentation, she gave tangible examples of how she perfected the client booking process. Kelly gave each of us advice based on our individual businesses and gave us the opportunity to ask honest questions in a safe environment. I left the webinars and completely transformed how I interact with clients and have seen a higher number of bookings because of it. The Fine Art Catalyst was the creative wake up call I needed. I fell into a pattern of capturing the same poses and the same shots at every wedding. Kelly took us on a journey through some of her most successful creative shoots and went in depth on how she overcame the temptation to play it safe. Each week we had a different creative assignment and each one helped me break into a new way of creating and thinking. When I first started the webinars I was at a peak in my business and felt very overwhelmed. Kelly helped me stay grounded and focus my energy where is would best serve my clients and my art. I highly recommend both webinars!
— Hannah Roberts
I wanted to take a moment and let you know that I’m included as a finalist for Southern Weddings’ Best of the South Awards for film photographer! I can confidently say I don’t think I would be at this point currently if it wasn’t for my time at Vero last fall. Your workshop — the knowledge and beauty I found there inspired me, renewed my passion for my work, and ignited within me the desire to succeed. THANK YOU for providing this incredible experience, and for your continued support! :)
-Haley Bilunas-
“The Vero workshop was AMAZING! It was super fun and extremely valuable! I have gone to many workshops in the past, but the Vero Workshop was a super unique experience. Since Kelly incorporated speakers, we learned about different skills to not only help us with improving our photography, but improve our vendor relationships, social media, SEO, and more. Also, being able to learn from Kelly while shooting not one, but TWO styled shoots was incredible. I am already seeing a difference in the amount of weddings I am booking form incorporating what I learned at the Vero workshop. I highly recommend this photography workshop!” -Linda Threadgill

“I was lucky enough to be able to attend Kelly’s first Vero Workshop this fall, and I’m so glad that I did. From the hand-selected speakers to the models, and with Kelly’s guidance, this day was amazing from start to finish. I learned so much about all different aspects of the wedding industry, and the work that I created this day has gotten so much positive feedback. I cannot recommend this photography workshop enough to any photographer, regardless of your experience level. There’s something here for everyone! I truly feel that I have a much better grasp on my business and a better understanding of the art thanks to the help of Kelly and the rest of the talented team that helped create the Vero Workshop.” -Hannah Lazano
“November 2, 2016, it is a day I will never forget!
Kelly Berry thank you so much for such an amazing photography workshop, it seriously was so inspiring and rewarding. I feel so renewed and grateful for meeting you and everyone else who came to your workshop. I am so excited to have been by the side of so many amazing, talented vendors and photographers and new friends. Thank you to all guest speakers for sharing your valuable knowledge, experience and most of all for your kindness with all of us, Elisa Bricker , Jacin Fitzgerald, Lindsay Pitt Sims, Trumpet & Horn, Chelsea Harris, Victoria Katsikis, and Lindsay Coletta Scurr!
I appreciate and value your gift for teaching and helping the creative community around you and for being so generous. I learned so much, I left feeling refreshed and encouraged to take my business to the next level.” -Carolina Epperson
“If you are on the fence and considering one of Kelly’s workshop...just do it! Go!!! Seriously! The Vero Workshop far exceeded my expectations in every aspect! Kelly was so welcoming and made sure that we all had plenty of time to get the shots we wanted for both the engagement shoot and the styled wedding! The venue was amazing, seriously!!!! It was swoon worthy...and the speakers shared invaluable information with us. Jacin Fitzgerald & Kelly Johnson from Trumpet & Horn, were the highlights for me. I took the information they shared and have been able to make small, but ultimately, huge changes in my business! I also made connections with other photographers, & created portfolio worthy images! The models were gorgeous and every single detail was completely thought out.
I’ve been to other workshops and this one was top-notch! Hands down the best photography workshop I’ve ever attended! Thank you, Kelly for putting your heart and soul into our craft and sharing what you know with others! You are amazing and I can’t wait to attend another workshop!!” Viki Sears