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November 4th-8th

The Vero Workshop was created to bring real and raw education to the creative industry.  "Vero" meaning real in Italian, is the foundation and core values of this entire movement.  So many times, we have seen such talent in a single photographer, but their business and portfolio is nowhere near where they want it to be.  At the Vero photography workshop, we will not only provide the best creative team to curate multiple jaw-dropping photo shoots to build incredible content, but we will also give you the education you need to grow the business you have always dreamed of. Vero is a place where we build a strong sense of community and share the good, bad, and ugly about being in the creative industry.  We all know the struggles, long nights away from family, putting every ounce of who you are on the table, and the rejection we feel almost weekly. It is not an easy place.  Vero is a safe haven where we connect and grow with each other. That is our promise to you.


Wedding Sparrow

Photo Credit: Erich McVey

Driven by the beauty of editorial wedding photography shot on film, Sara has sought to create the world’s first exclusively film photography wedding blog. Inspired by simplicity, beauty, originality and the complexity of nature, Wedding Sparrow has already won five industry awards since launching in 2013 and Sara couldn’t be more proud. Striving to lead the industry towards natural light and timeless beauty, Sara loves to travel the world meeting like­-minded artisans who create beauty in the wedding world for Wedding Sparrow readers.




Trille Floral

The Trillium is the provincial flower of Ontario, Canada. This is where I'm from and where this flower journey began for me.
In some parts of North America it’s illegal to pick a wild Trillium. So if you are lucky enough to stumble upon one of these flowers you have to leave it as you found it.
This is how I believe flowers look their best and how I seek to design them. Arranged in a loose, natural style—just how you would find them in nature (no round balls here people).
Toronto is where I first fell in love with floral design, so it seemed only fitting to take the Trillium with me to Australia. Of course I have to assimilate into the Aussie culture of abbreviating everything. Thus, Trille was born.

Laura Gordon

Laura_Gordon copy.jpeg

Laura Gordon creates painterly images with an effortless sense of nostalgia and romance. Her work is greatly influenced by the couples she photographs and inspired by the places, people and emotive elements of a wedding day. Her work is held in high regard among industry professionals and is known for her distinctive style.
Laura specializes in photographing destination weddings and in commercial work for brands and magazines, consistently making stunning, high-quality imagery.




 Elizabeth was born and raised in downtown Baltimore and has been reading Elle Decor and Martha Stewart Weddings since ninth grade. With advanced degrees in classical viola performance from Rice University and the University of Maryland, and experience performing in major symphony orchestras like the Baltimore Symphony, she is naturally detail-oriented, perceptive, and organized.

A travel enthusiast, Elizabeth regularly incorporates fine art and cultural inspiration into her designs, and is especially known for her innovative flatlay and prop styling. Her current inspirations include Parisian architecture, vintage jacquard and brocade fabrics, and modern minimal home design, and her favorite moment on every wedding day is sending the bride down the aisle.

Kelly Berry

I am thankful to say that I have had many opportunities that have lead me to some significant accomplishments.  I strive to think outside of the box and shoot in my own unique way which has landed me in top three of Best of Magnolia Rouge 2016, Green Wedding Shoes, Martha Stewart Weddings', Inspired By This, Utterly Engaged, and many more. I have invested in myself and my education with receiving a Bachelors of Fine Arts in photography, attending many business and photography retreats, and studying under some of the best creatives in the world such as photographer Jasmin Star, photographer Corbin Gurkin, wedding planner and floral designer Jacin Fitzgerald, former content creator for Style Me Pretty  Abby Caplabo, Owner of Easton Events Lynn Easton, and many more. I am always investing back into myself, that is one investment that you will never regret. What inspires me the most is light, I fell in love with it a long time ago and still have a deep love affair for it.  Creating your perfect image, in a sense, is almost like designing a set.  I pay close attention to every single detail in a shot, there are no coincidences (well let's be real, that does happen on a lucky day:) For those of you who know me, know that I wear my heart on my sleeve, I am very humble, I give everything I have, I dream very big, and I live by the notion that nothing is too far out of reach.  When I built the Vero photography workshop, my mission was simple, I wanted to give creatives a place where they could truly learn what it took to grow a successful creative business.  I wanted to design a place of comfort, community, and the real deal kind of education. I am a very down to earth girl, and I feel that best kind of friends are the ones that always tell it to you straight, am I right? I believe that if you work hard enough, you can achieve any and everything, but you have got to put in the work first.  My role at Vero is to inspire you with possibilities and encouragement, to teach you all that I know about photography, growing a business,  and to have you realize that anything is possible if you have the right attitude.