Creative Missions

Hello friends! How many of us have ever felt "stuck" as an artist or uninspired? Um, me for sure! As creative professionals, we have a tendency to have a 'shoulders down, head forward' kind of an attitude.  Especially when we are shooting multiple weddings, or shoots, or working through a busy season.  This post is going to be about getting that inspiration back into your work and your business because without it, we will never grow as artists or business owners.

In my opinion, the key to staying inspired is to get out of your comfort zone and your daily routine.  Humans are creatures of habit and we have a tendency to stick to what we know. I recently traveled to the coast of California with my in laws for a little get away. I knew having such a busy spring and an upcoming packed fall season, I needed some creative stimulus. Since they had already planned the trip prior to me asking to tag along, I got dibbs on the couch at their home they rented for the week...perfect right? Weeks prior to going I had connected with local vendors and models in the area that I was going to be, so I had my route scheduled and planned out, which I could write a whole other post's quite a job but worth it! I rented the cutest little smart car, for 24 hours to travel around wine country and back to the coast.  While I had some mishaps along the way, this is not a travel I will spare the hilarious stories due to my own stupidity. 

While driving in the car, alone, I had the chance to truly be in the moment.  To be alone with my thoughts in a completely strange place, I felt a sense of confidence and inspiration come over me as I was driving from location to location.  New scenery, new creatives to work with, and a new sense of creativity.  I had the chance to be away from all of the influence of social media, my comfort zone, and really just shoot the way I love to shoot. Shoot for me, not anyone else. That will be an experience that will forever change and grow your work.

Not all of us have the chance to pick up and travel to California or across the country, but I urge you to take different ways to work, take any opportunity you see you get out of town, and live outside your comfort zone.  When I was younger the saying "do what scares you" never made any sense, but now I get it. The growth, not only creatively but mentally, is exponential.  As creatives, we all must grow,  investing in yourself and your career is never going to lead you in the wrong direction. This is what creative missions are all about. 

Whether you are a photographer, stylist, calligrapher, and no matter if you have been in business 6 months or 16 years, it is important to know the value of growth.  I stash away personal trip money to go on a creative mission at least once a year, but none the less traveling is expensive. For those who have kids and full-time jobs, time is also a huge factor as well. I totally get it! But...I will also tell you that, again, investing back into yourself will only get you that much closer to where you want to be in your career.  If that goal is going full time, breaking into the luxury market, or simply expanding your marketing radius, there isn't a better way to do it. Believe me, leaving home for me is quite the challenge and I pretty much cry every time I leave, but once I get to where I am going I am ready for the adventure. 

This is just some food for thought on this Tuesday afternoon.  I hope you all will get to experience a creative mission and feel the value of it for yourself. 

Comment below and tell me about you creative missions! Here are some snaps from mine! Enjoy!