Why The Vero Workshop?

The Vero workshop has been a dream of mine for a long time;  Not only for just the actual event but of the entire movement.

First off, I would love to start with the question that I am sure you are all asking yourself..."Who are you to host such an event and what are qualifies you to do so?!".  Great question, let's talk about it! You see, I don't think I am anyone special, I just believe in something so big that I have to go after it. I am just a girl who lives on a farm with her husband and a crazy amount of animals, who takes photos for a living.  Not so glamorous right? Well it's the truth.  I am not one to tell you all of my credentials on why you should pay to come to this workshop. That is not what Vero is or about. Now, with that being said, I do believe in my work and my talent. I believe that this is what I have been put on this planet to do. So, I am not totally dogging myself but, I am just being honest. When I first graduated art school, I was like a fish out of water on what to do, where to turn, and how to build my business.  Thank god for my darling mother who helped me with the business side, but she couldn't find my clients for me. Now we are talking the year of 2010, just for perspective, things in the wedding industry were much different than now.  I would knock on photographers' doors, only to be ghosted or have the door slammed in my face.  I did not know anything about the wedding industry and no one was willing to help me. Okay, this is not a sob story but you need to know this to appreciate the rest of the story.  I had attended many interviews with publications, ad agencies, and anyone who needed a photographer.  One interview in particular was quite strange.  He loved my senior gallery show images and wanted to take them with him to show his boss and this would secure my job with this company.  I passed the images over to him, only to never hear from him again.  The images were printed in the publication without my knowledge or consent. I called the man who interviewed me, only to have him continuously tell me how ungrateful I was and that I would never make it in this business. I cried and cried and cried. "How did this happen? Why am I so stupid?" I asked myself 100 times. Because I didn't have anyone to tell me any different.  Someone who was in the industry, someone who had my back, someone who I looked up to and go to for anything! Now granted, my mom and dad did tell me that was not a good idea...but you catch my drift. Not only were these things happening to me, but I had a very small amount of people in my life who supported what I was trying to do. People would say, "You really think you can make money doing that?" I am the kind of girl that if you doubt me, I am going to prove you wrong. Promise! Friends, family, and even my husband/then boyfriend, so when anything bad happened, they would be of no help and really only made it that much worse.

Later in my career, after the wounds of my experiences healed, I was booking weddings, family sessions, and setting up styled shoots on my own.  I attended multiple retreats and workshops on my own and I always left wishing that experience could continue,  that those relationships with my mentors would continue.  It was almost as if like, "well we got your money, you got your experience, now it's time to go.".  Which is fine, but I wanted something more.  I wanted to feel that I had those people to turn to in times of struggle, but instead I got weird vibes and zero willingness to help me in any capacity. Sorry, but that just isn't right.

When I say that Vero is a movement not just an event, I totally mean it. It's a place that fosters true and authentic relationships.  I strive to bring the absolute best creatives in the industry to teach and help you grow your business into something you have always imagined. The BEST part about them, is that they are all there for YOU. To genuinely help you in any way that you need. I am a part of this team as well, and my promise to you is that I will always reach out my hand to you in time of need, in time of success, in time of sadness, whatever the case may be. This is why Vero is so special. It's from the heart.

Now that we have all of that craziness out of the way, I want to BRAG on one of my last Vero attendees!  Carolina submitted a letter to me to win a seat at the workshop, and her letter brought me to tears for all the right reasons.  Carolina is just like me, she follows her heart 110%.  When I got to meet her in person I knew she was someone who was so incredibly special. Once the day was done, her words of thanks brought me to tears yet again, she was so genuine. Carolina and I had many phone dates and face time sessions after the workshop, which I have tried to do with everyone. The best news came this past Monday when Carolina wrote to me:

Kelly! Thank you so much for your wishes, I am so excited this morning, after trying submitting with no luck, I decided to give it a last try and today I received an email from the Editor of Ruffled blog telling me Vero Workshop has been accepted for publication!! All this thank you to you! I am telling you my Brides are getting Inspired and I am getting hired! Last month I booked 5 weddings for January and this month I am going in two, 3 more to reach my Goal, Kelly this would no be possible without you!!!! I wanted to tell you right away!!!! will be published by 02/17/2017. Kelly your words of encouragement stayed in my head, I did not get discouraged for the previous times it was rejected, I will be forever grateful friend!

I was blown away! Truly! It warmed my heart so much to know that I had something to do with her following her passion and succeeding! This is why Vero is so incredible. The best part is, is no matter where you are in your career you still need that support.  We ALL struggle. We ALL go through hard times.  Whether you are a month into your business or 10 years you still need that support to push you to the next level.

Carolina I am so proud of you! Thank you for having me in your life and I cannot wait to see what you do next! 

Thank you all for reading this! I hope that answers any questions about why Vero is so important and why it's not just an event but a movement. I truly hope you come to join us to experience the magic for yourself.

 Photography By: Carolina Epperson of Carography Studios as seen in Ruffled