Some useful skills if you want to safely navigate dating

Dating can be exciting, but one might feel nervous about the meeting. You need to figure out what to expect from the person or whether they are truly who they say they are in their profile. 

Unlike when dating Phoenix escorts who are professional companions, there are commonly known risks to finding a date online. Fortunately, there are ways you can ensure that your date with someone is safer:

Meet In A Public Place

Consider going to a public place first, then going somewhere private if you’re comfortable with the person. Make sure it’s somewhere you feel safe before heading off for casual sex. This way, if things do not seem right, other people are around you, and you will not be in a dangerous situation. 

Have A Back-Up Plan

Let a friend know where you are at all times. If anything goes wrong, let your friend know immediately. Send a message and leave the situation right away or ask for help to get out.

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Make sure that your friend knows where you are and when to expect you back or even set up check-in times for you to contact them. If you do not contact them at that time, they should try to contact you, and if they fail to do so, then there is a reason for them to try to find you. 

Have An Exit Strategy

As with any skill, having an exit strategy is essential. You’ll never know when it might be needed, so make sure you have a plan for getting out of any situation that makes you feel uncomfortable. Have money on hand so that if something goes wrong, you can grab a taxi or pay for your meal and walk out. 

If you need to leave quickly, having a ride is essential. A cab number on hand or knowing where one is located can make all the difference. 

Be ready to walk, run, or hide when all else fails. You want to get away, not stay and be subjected to an unpleasant time. No use in lingering in a place with someone that might harm you. 

Use Your Smartphone Functions

Most smartphones have locators, and yours may be set to do so ahead of time. Some phones may be located even if it is offline, but it is better to have data and be connected to the internet.

Make sure that you use your phone to send a message to someone to inform them of your whereabouts, and always have it on hand. You have to be alert and ready to protect yourself by using it for communication, for hailing a ride, or for the location function. 

Don’t Be A Victim

Don’t engage in risky sexual activities with someone drunk or high on drugs. In the same manner, if you are drunk or high, you might not be able to be in control of the situation and become a victim. 

You are going out on a date so try not to fall into a trap, and do not hesitate to leave if you feel unsafe.